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Monday, March 14, 2011

Enjoying a day off

Today I am enjoying one of my Spring Break days off. Josh is leaving for work in a bit, Tom's at work, and Tasha's in Norman so I get the house to myself for a while this afternoon. What exciting things am I doing on my day off? Well, I"m defrosting the freezer. LOL! I also went to Medford to take care of some business. We had never filed homestead exemption on our home and that can save us some $'s on our property taxes, so I finally did that. Gotta save those $'s where we can! I work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, then I'm off again on Friday.

Goals for this week:
Get Tasha's financial aid paperwork submitted to the college
Work some more in the office, how does it get to be such a mess? UGH!

In other news, the Honda is back and we're waiting on news to see how much Josh's truck will cost to fix. He will pay for most of it, but we may have to help him out, depending on how much it is. I've been reading the Dale Carnegie book on worrying all weekend and will try to post some more wisdom from it this week.