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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Raising Extra Money the words of Dave Ramsey, I'm trying to "sell so much stuff that it makes the kids think they're next". LOL. I've listed several child care resource books plus a couple of other things that I don't need/use anymore. I think I have them all sold to some friends who needed them. So that will be some money for the baby emergency fund.

I've also started writing for as the Oklahoma City area child care examiner. I've posted two articles so far. You can visit my page here. It has links to both articles. I'm hoping to make some extra money this way, too.

I am also checking into becoming a Child Development Associate (CDA) advisor. That is a person who visits child care programs and evaluates them and recommends whether they qualify to get or renew their CDA credential. If I get registered through the Center for Early Childhood Professional Development in Moore, I will get paid to do it. That is a slow process though. I have to apply to become one ($50), get a new OSBI background check ($19) and get college transcripts (sent off for those already). Then the next available training for it isn't until May 7th in Moore. But the pay is enough to cover having to pay a sub while I do it and still make some money. I wouldn't do it very often (I'm thinking no more than once or twice a month because I don't want to be gone from my own business that often). But it would be something different and I think I would enjoy it. I may also apply to become a trainer through them too. It's on the same application so it wouldn't be much extra effort.

We would love to hear other ideas/suggestions for raising extra $'s!


Mandy said...

I am actually doing the same thing. I told John that when he gets home in 2.5 weeks our house will look different because it will have less stuff in it. I plan to ebay, Craigslist, donate, and throw away to declutter our lives. The job idea sounds like fun!

KiddoKare1 said...

Yeah, we've been de-cluttering too! If we don't use it, it goes!

Louise said...

its great to hear your enthusiasm! The advisor work sounds good, and really valuable work to do.
good luck with the decluttering and selling.