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Thursday, September 2, 2010

2 years & Days 225-231: Health Issues

Well, true confession time. I have been feeling awful for a really long time. I kept putting it off to stress, thinking it would get better. I did talk to the doctor about it when I got checked up last year, including the fact that my breathing had been terrible, it seems like I am always wheezing. So earlier this week, I went to talk to the preacher. He suggested that I go see the doctor again to rule out anything physical including getting my hormone levels checked. So I went today and the nurse immediately noticed my wheezing and commented on it. So now I have a nebulizer machine and medicine, along with a handful of other prescriptions to try and combat that. I also have an appointment to get my allergies tested (and I can't take my OTC Claritin from now until that appointment). So again, I am asking for some prayers that we can figure out what's going on and I can feel good again. Oh and I will find out how all the blood work turned out tomorrow or next Tuesday.


Mom Thumb said...

I'm glad you went to the doctor. I will pray that they figure out what you need to feel better!

Di said...

I have been worrying about you for quite a while now. You have not been yourself. I know that you have been under a lot of stress, but even as things have improved, you haven't seemed your old self! I hope they can figure it out.

KiddoKare1 said...

Thanks Linda. Me too! Di, it's been really frustrating for me. I have wanted to feel better and I just couldn't seem to! And the fact that health care providers don't listen to you about your own body makes it doubly frustrating. I KNEW something was wrong when I went last November! I guess I should have pushed the issue harder, but I did not. Hopefully now we can find some answers.