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Thursday, July 29, 2010

2 Years & Days 189-196: I'm finally back

Here I am again. Sorry it's been being so long between posts. Some updates:

We had to use the emergency fund last week on vacation when we had a flat on our way to Tulsa. The good news is that we've added money back to it so it's already up to $150.

I did very little (actually NO) cooking on vacation last week. One of my things I get so burned out on is cooking all the time, for the kids, for the family, etc. So I usually try to take a break during vacation. It was really nice. We ate as cheaply as possible, only really splurging for Tom's birthday dinner. This week it's been back to reality and I've been cooking more (although Tom is bringing home Arby's tonight).

Please say some prayers that I get some calls to fill my full-time opening that is coming up when school starts. I know that God will provide.

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