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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2 Years & Day 160: Crazily Blessed

So tonight I'm thinking about how lucky I am. Remember when I was real low on kids in my child care? Now I'm bursting at the seams! I have 9 kids enrolled this summer (obviously they don't all come at the same time), but it's been a juggling act. Today was a full house day (most Wednesdays are) and it was crazy, but fun. My friend who works at the OSU Extension office came and did some stuff with the kids this morning. They had a good time and it was a nice change of pace. Now if I could only think of some other people to invite.

I promise I'll get back to my goals. I'm just trying to adjust to this new crazy schedule (6:30 arrivals and a new baby all day). It will all come together into a new routine.


Di said...

I am so glad to see things turning around for you! Are you also going to be full after school starts? I hope your problem is getting better for you....

KiddoKare1 said...

Thanks, Di! I haven't filled the one opening that I have coming up when school starts. So when school starts, I'll have (as far as I know right now), 3 full-time, 3 after-schoolers, and one drop-in. I figured I'd start putting the word out heavy here in the next week or two. As for the problem, we're making progress, but it's going to take a while. Thanks!