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Thursday, June 17, 2010

2 Years & 154 Days: Really?

What is it with our family and cars???? Yesterday, Serenity had an accident. She was pulled over for an emergency vehicle and another car rear-ended another car first and then her! Thankfully, noone was hurt and Serenity's car is still driveable. But you know the hassle of dealing with all of that. It's alot! Not to mention that it really shook her up. Then Josh ran out of gas and I had to take him some. LOL.

I have something going on that I cannot talk much about, but I really need prayers about it. Thank you.


Di said...

I really don't know what to say about the vehicle situation. I know it really sucks, and stresses you out. If the prayer situation is the one I know about, I am so sorry that it is still going on. I will be praying that you find a solution soon!

KiddoKare1 said...

It is the one you know about. As for the vehicles, at least this time the car is still driveable and it wasn't her fault (especially since she only has liability on her car!).