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Monday, December 28, 2009

Days 721, 722, 723, 724, & 725 and wintry weather

Well, wintry weather (and illness) changed our Christmas plans. Christmas Eve brought a blizzard to Oklahoma. Although our part of the state did not get it near as bad as further south (which is where we were heading) so we decided to stay home. In addition, I was up very early Christmas Eve morning sick. It was just that one time, but then I felt weak and tired all day and would not have wanted to be on the road anyway. It was a strange Christmas because for the first time ever, Serenity was not with us. She spent Christmas with her boyfriend and his family. We really missed her, but I know my kids are growing up and I have to start sharing them. Anyway, Tom, Tasha, Josh, and I played games on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and we ate at a Chinese buffet on Christmas Day. So it was a fun holiday and I loved spending time together as a family. Hope everyone had a merry Christmas.


Mom Thumb said...

Curtis spent Christmas in Minnesota with his wife's family, yuck, I didn't like it. But like you said . . .

Other than missing him, we had a nice Christmas. Glad you stayed off the roads!

maryperk said...

Apparently Tulsa and Missouri was hit hard too. Bud had to drive in from Indiana straight through the path of the storm to make it home by 10am Christmas morning.