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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Days 622, 623, & 624 and some progress

You may have noticed that the car fund and baby EF have increased. I got a REWARD check (a program through DHS that pays child care providers for staying in child care, continuing their education, etc). Anyway, I put $200 of it into the EF and $200 into the car fund. I've also had some drop-in money the last couple of weeks that has gone in there, so it's growing. That feels good! Tom has some money that he's planning on giving me to add to it too.

Also, I wanted to say that I was sorry for the break in posting. I've been overwhelmed with things to do and feeling really negative and down so it's been hard to write. I've also not been feeling very well for what seems like forever. If things do not improve, then I am going to go to the doctor. I am tired of feeling so run-down and worn-out!

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Di said...

You are doing great on the money saving! But, don't put off going to the Dr. too long. You need to take care of yourself, with everything you have going on right now!