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Monday, August 3, 2009

Days 564, 565, 566, and 567 & school is sneaking up on me!

Dangit! Where has this summer gone? School is sneaking up on me, big time! I'm ready for the kids to start, NOT ready for myself to start. I've not got my proposal ready for my Study in Depth class that I have to submit before classes start on the 24th. I never intended to let that go all summer long without getting done. Then all my clubs and groups will resume meetings soon too. So time to pull myself out of relaxation mode and get busy! Wish me luck!

I had a nice trip to Tahlequah. I got to see my friend for supper on Friday night (and a little bit on Saturday). The child care conference was nice, I learned a lot and I got inspiration for getting my proposal started, so that was great.

Hope everyone has a great week!


Di said...

It sounds like it is time to take a deep breath and get started! Let me know how I can help you get ready for the meeting next week.

Mom Thumb said...

I know how you feel. After chilling in Minnesota for a week, I almost got a panic attack on the way home, thinking about all the things coming up that I have to deal with. But then I remembered that I've felt that way in the past and somehow managed to get through it and still stay reasonably sane!