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Monday, July 6, 2009

Days 536, 537, 538, & 539 and what a wonderful weekend

Tom & I had an absolutely wonderful weekend together. We went to a comedy club on Friday night. On Saturday morning, we slept in and then went to a flea market. That was fun. When we were dating, there used to be a flea market in Enid and that was one of our favorite things to do, go walk around the flea market. This flea market that we went to in Tulsa was huge. We had a really nice time walking around in there and looking around. It was just a really nice, laid-back, relaxing weekend. Now it's back to reality. LOL.

Tonight, we start VBS at church. I'll be leaving here around 4:45 each day and getting home about 9:45. I have a busy week most of the week in the daycare, too. So I'll do my best to post a brief message each day, but if I don't, you'll know why. Hope everyone has a nice week!


Mandy said...

Did you go to The Looney Bin? We have talked several times about doing that but never have went.

KiddoKare1 said...

Yes, that's where we went. I found a coupon online for buy one, get one free admission. It was good on Wednesday-Friday nights so we used it. Then once you get inside, you have to order something, either a food item or a drink, but the prices weren't horrible unreasonable for that, either.

maryperk said...

I listen to 107.7. They talk about the Loony Bin a lot. They even talk on Friday afternoons to the comedians who are gonna appear there.

I'm glad you enjoyed your time away. I sure wish we could afford to do that. LOL.

VBS starts at my church on Sunday, but I'm not volunteering. I'm gonna use the time to recoup from summer as I will only have the youngest (and the oldest if he actually gets to come home tomorrow) at home during VBS hours.

KiddoKare1 said...

Mary, we could have afforded it if one of my leaving child care families hadn't blessed us with the gift certificate. Believe me, I know how lucky we are! Did your oldest get to come home?