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Friday, July 17, 2009

Day 550 and video game vent

I just had one child today and I took her to Enid to do some stuff at the Child Care Resource & Referral office, then we went to McDonald's to play and grab some lunch. I had not been in the play place at the McDonald's in quite a while. They used to have a section that was for the littler kids to play, but now they have video games there! They had like three Nintendo game cube games and another electronic games. Yes, because everyone goes to the McDonald's play place to play video games. For some reason, it just really frustrated me to see those games. I have nothing against video games in general. I enjoyed playing them in the past (don't play too often anymore) and I let my kids play them when they were younger. But I picture the play place as a place for active play, not a place for video games. Kids need to be able to get down and dirty and just have fun. I do toy reviews for a company and one of the toys that they sent me this last time is called a Splatster, you hook it to your TV and the kids can "paint" pictures on there. Heaven forbid we hand them an actual paintbrush and let them paint. Anyway, enough of my rants for today.

I am officially on "staycation" and really looking forward to spending time with Tom over the next few days.

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